How We’re Different

Bio·R differs from other environmental organisations doing revegetation in six key ways.

1. Effective Conservation

Wildlife requires large contiguous patches of suitable habitat to survive and thrive. Therefore, Bio·R invests in reconstructing diverse habitats over hundreds of hectares, as this landscape-scale is needed to ensure the survival of threatened species.

2. Evidence-based Works

Bio·R uses science to identify habitat requirements for wildlife and to deliver successful habitat reconstruction. Our best-practice techniques are underpinned by ongoing ecological monitoring and research.

3. Reconnecting People with Nature

Bio·R provides the means for people to engage with wildlife in a constructive way that effectively protects our biodiversity for the future. Through donating, volunteering or offsetting your Ecological Footprint, everyone can be part of a community that cares for nature.

4. Beyond Carbon

Everyone’s activities impact the environment, creating an “Ecological Footprint”. When we use more resources we have a greater impact on wildlife. Bio·R does not just plant trees for carbon capture; we plant vegetation communities that offset Ecological Footprints, restoring ecosystems and creating habitat for wildlife.

5. Building a Sustainable Approach

We are a non-profit NGO with a large volunteer base. Money donated is used to fund habitat reconstruction projects, so your donations will have immediate, long-lasting benefits. As Bio·R grows we will establish trust funds where investment will provide secure, long-lasting revenue to build and maintain habitats, uncoupling projects from the uncertainties of government funding.

6. Intergenerational Ownership

Recreating habitats with mature trees and functioning ecosystems takes many decades. This requires long-term commitment across several decades, something governments on an election cycle cannot provide. Bio·R engages across multiple generations to secure this intergenerational ownership.

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