Bio·R Receives Grant from Macpac Fund for Good

As part of the Macpac Fund for Good program, the generous team at Macpac have contributed some fantastic gear to Bio·R!

The gear, consisting of beanies, jackets and down vests, will help keep the core Bio·R team warm during the cool months of winter when we do most of our outdoor work.

Macpac Fund for Good - Bio·R
Macpac Fund for Good - Bio·R
Macpac Fund for Good - Bio·R
Macpac Fund for Good - Bio·R

More information about the Macpac Fund for Good

Here at Macpac, we’re passionate about creating long-term change for the good of people and planet.

The Macpac Fund for Good is our way of giving back through cash or gear grants to non-profit organisations whose core focus is long-term positive impact in at least one of the following three areas:

  1. The protection, regeneration or monitoring of native flora or fauna; or
  2. Providing adventure-based learning, therapy or environmental education; or
  3. Supporting Indigenous community projects focused on either of the above.

Customers can support the Fund for Good by purchasing Fund for Good products or by refusing a bag in-store. Every time this is done, Macpac contributes $0.20 into the Fund for Good, to enable us to support more organisations doing positive things.

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