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Planting Festivals

Planting festivals are our flagship community events and account for the bulk of our habitat reconstruction efforts.


School Activities

Reconnecting the next generation through hands-on education.​ Bio·R offers a number of interactive opportunities for kids to reconnect with nature.

Volunteer Days - - Bio·R - South Australia - Reconstructing Habitat for Biodiversity

Volunteer Days

Get involved with our wildlife, participate in research and look after our reconstructed habitats during Bio·R’s volunteer days.


Bird banding explained in short video

Curious to learn more about bird banding? Hear from Bio·R director Dr. David Paton as he explains what bird banding is all about and why it provides critical research to help declining populations of threatened bird species

Community Programs

Frahns Farm Planting Festival 2020!

Frahns Farm Planting Festival 2020: We’re going ahead with our biggest Planting Festival yet and you’re invited!


Frahns Farm Planting Festival 2019

Here we go again, this time for our biggest Frahns Farm Planting Festival yet! You’ve been waiting a whole year to spend a day outdoors,