Climate Changers Film Screening on September 17

Following its world premiere at the 2023 Sydney Film Festival, timely documentary Climate Changers will screen at more than 25 cinemas nationally, launching with a national Q&A screening on Sunday 17 September. Professor Tim Flannery, co-founder of Rewiring Australia Dr Saul Griffith and international human rights lawyer and activist Kavita Naidu will participate in the live-streamed Q&A, moderated by actor and climate advocate Yael Stone. A limited cinema release will follow in the weeks after.

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Directed by Johan Gabrielsson, and written and produced by Mark Forstmann, Climate Changers follows acclaimed scientist Tim Flannery as he searches for the missing ingredient in our fight against climate change – leadership. Where are the climate leaders who will drive change? How might they succeed where others have failed? Tim Flannery poses these questions as he meets global leaders from the corridors of power and frontlines of climate change. Climate Changers delves into what frustrates Tim, what motivates him, and where he believes the solutions lie to humanity’s greatest challenge.


Screenings in South Australia

  • Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas
  • Wallis Cinemas Mitcham
  • Wallis Cinemas Mt Barker

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