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Restoring the habitats to the Mt Lofty region will take long-term planning and commitment over multiple decades. But we must start now to leave permanent legacies for future generations. There are opportunities for significant ongoing engagement, including naming rights to events and reconstructed woodland plots.

The Problem

South Australia’s biodiversity is vanishing.

The Mt Lofty region is one of 15 nationally-recognised Biodiversity Hotspots (a place on earth richest in biodiversity). Despite this, the biodiversity of this region is vanishing because the amount of habitat remaining is inadequate to support the species that we have present today.

Half the woodland bird species will disappear from this region if we continue with a “business as usual” approach.

If we do nothing, this region will no longer be special, or a drawcard for visitors. This once nationally-recognised biodiversity hot spot will become a cold spot.

If we increase the cover of native vegetation in this region from 10% to 30%, we can keep most of our wildlife for future generations to enjoy.

Let’s act now, save our biodiversity, transform our landscapes and show our pride in the region in which we live and work.

Bare landscape 08 Eastern Escarpment north from Mt Pleasant Swan Reach Rd Andrew McKinlay 1
Just 10% of the original woodlands in the Mt Lofty region remain.

The Solution

We’re reconstructing habitat for biodiversity.

Bio·R exists to go beyond traditional revegetation methods and carbon offset plantations, aiming to reconstruct effective, self-sustaining and resilient habitats. Effective habitat supports wildlife, providing all the resources an animal needs, such as food and shelter. Self-sustaining habitat is where the plants and animals are able to reproduce adequately to maintain their abundance through time. Resilient habitats are those that can cope with and recover from short-term perturbations like droughts and fire, as well as the long-term impacts of climate change. These goals will ensure our native plantings will provide habitat that can best support our declining wildlife in perpetuity.


Good conservation stems from a good understanding of what works. We recognise the value of science and research in habitat reconstruction and we are committed to using innovative techniques that will help save species.


Revegetation programs usually consist of just planting a quota of trees. Bio·R is different; we create habitats to halt the declines of our native wildlife and grow biodiversity at landscape and regional scales.


Communities of all forms are central to our work. Woodland habitats take decades to build. Intergenerational ownership is critical to sustaining our biodiversity. Corporate and business communities have a key role to play.​

Get Involved

Why should your business get involved?

The United Nations is calling on people and corporations to help protect and restore ecosystems around the world, because only with healthy ecosystems can we enhance lives, fight climate change and halt biodiversity loss. South Australians can play their part locally restoring habitats, reversing biodiversity losses and protecting the Mt Lofty region for future generations.

How can you get involved?

Invest in Research
  • Fund our monitoring programs
  • Fund critical research
  • Fund graduate research programs in habitat restoration
Reconstruct habitat
  • Fund our planting programs
  • Assist with land acquisition
  • Fund our perimeter fencing
  • Fund ongoing maintenance
Reconnect with Nature
  • Corporate volunteer days
    • Tubestock planting
    • Weeding
    • Plant monitoring
  • Sponsoring school excursions

“We’re looking for organisations wanting to forge a genuine relationship and take a proactive role in contributing to the achievement of our objectives.”

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Bio·R volunteer planting day.


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