David Paton hosts local Landscape Board and SA Water at Frahns Farm

In March, Bio·R Managing Director David Paton hosted a tour of our habitat reconstruction at Frahns Farm with representatives from the Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board and members of the environment team of SA Water.

The participants were keen to see and learn about our plantings, the seed orchard, and the importance of the kangaroo-proof fence to protect our seedlings and recruiting remnant vegetation. They were impressed by the results of our large-scale habitat recreation to date and the fact that the 14mm rain event that we had 5 days earlier was still providing benefit to the plants, as evident by the damp soil in the planting bowls.

“We all benefited from seeing the work up close, hearing the progress from (David) and being able to ask questions”, said Dr Toby Galligan, a regional ecologist at the Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board. “I certainly learnt a lot and will encourage others to participate in planting days as well as think about revegetation the way Bio·R has. My colleagues at the Board share these thoughts.”

Thanks to these wonderful people for joining David on the tour and for a great day out – we value these opportunities to share our knowledge and learnings with others so that we can amplify the impact of our own plantings for the greater environmental good.

Images: Craig Gillespie

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