Kangaroo Island Rare Plant Garden Planting Day

The vision of the Kangaroo Island Rare Plant Garden is to safeguard Kangaroo Island’s threatened flora against extinction, by maintaining genetically diverse insurance populations, mobilising community to utilise these living collections in recovery projects and sharing knowledge & passion for the island’s unique flora.

The 2023 planting day at the Kangaroo Island Rare Plant Garden will provide the opportunity to plant seedlings propagated from seeds collected not only from the garden but across Kangaroo Island and seeds housed at the Seed Conservation Centre. This planting will showcase Kangaroo Island’s rare and threatened plants and to continue to build on the establishment of Kangaroo Island’s first rare plant garden.


9:30am – 1:00pm, Friday 7th July & Saturday 8th July.


90 Ropers Road, Menzies (15km west of Kingscote off the Playford Highway).

What to bring

  • Hat
  • Water
  • Chair
  • Gloves
  • Digging tools (if you have them)


Please RSVP by Friday June 30th.

Register here

What is the Kangaroo Island Rare Plant Garden?

About the project

Kangaroo Island’s Threatened Flora RPG is an initiative of the South Australian Seed Conservation Centre and supported by the grant funded ‘Island, Alps and Forests – Multi-regional seed conservation for bushfire recovery’. Funding has also been matched by donations and in-kind contributions from BioR and Nature Conservation Society SA (NCS).

The Rare Plant Garden aims to:

  • Ensure that multiple populations of threatened plant species are conserved as ex-situ populations at one centralised & protected locality.
  • Utilise these genetically diverse living collections for seed production for seed banking and recovery projects on the Island.
  • Create awareness, education and research for selected threatened species e.g. pollination, seed viability, genetics.
  • Activate and support community to be the custodians of ‘rare’ plant collections and to lead on-ground recovery actions.

Find out more about the Kangaroo Island Rare Plant Garden.


90 Ropers Road, Menzies

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90 Ropers Road, Menzies

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