Federal Environment Minister Visits Frahns Farm

Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley MP and the local member Tony Pasin MP were interested to see the success of our 4.95 kilometre, 167-hectare kangaroo-proof exclosure fence that was funded through the support of the Klein Family Foundation and the Federal Goverment’s National Landcare Program.

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Credit: Alexander Hamilton, Office of Tony Pasin MP
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Credit: Tom Hunt

The overabundance of kangaroos in this region has a big impact on the ability of remnant vegetation to regrow and thrive, and make establishing planted habitat difficult as seedlings become heavily grazed. Our visitors were amazed to see the widespread recovery of the native open grassy woodlands on the property, and the high survival of our 2019 and 2020 plantings. Sheoaks, Sweet Bursaria and iron-grasses that were chewed down to sticks before the fence was installed in 2018 are now flush with vigorous new growth.

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Credit: Tom Hunt

While fences are a big infrastructure investment, they can be more cost-effective for revegetation projects than guarding individual seedlings from herbivores. Fenced exclosures also offer protection for remnant vegetation to resprout and recruit, helping do create biodiverse safe havens where our declining plants and animals can thrive.

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Credit: Tom Hunt

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