How to Access Your Bio·R Donor Dashboard

Our Donor Dashboard gives you access to view your donation history, download receipts, manage your subscription(s) and update your profile.

Access the Donor Dashboard

Please follow the steps below to access your donor dashboard.

1. Visit our Donor Dashboard page (bior.org.au/donor-dashboard)

Visit bior.org.au/donor-dashboard or click the green ‘Donate’ button in the top right corner of this page.

Bio·R Donor Dashboard Instructions 1

2. Enter your email address

Once you have navigated to our Donor Dashboard page, scroll down and enter the email address you used at the time of your donation.

Bio·R Donor Dashboard Instructions 2

You will be required to tick ‘I’m not a robot’ and possibly complete a simple reCAPTCHA puzzle to verify you’re a real person.

Once you have completed the puzzle, click Verify Email. The button will change to Email Sent.

Bio·R Donor Dashboard Instructions 3 1

3. Verify email address

Next, visit your email inbox and check for an email from Bio·R Australia with the subject ‘Please confirm your email for…’

Click ‘View your donation history

Bio·R Donor Dashboard Instructions 4

4. View your Donor Dashboard

Now you should have returned to your Donor Dashboard, with some of your details displayed.

Bio·R Donor Dashboard Instructions 5

Here, you can view your Dashboard which includes:

  • Total number of donations
  • Lifetime donation amount
  • Average donation amount
  • Recent donations
Bio·R Donor Dashboard Instructions 6

To view the receipt of a recent donation, click View Receipt and then the green Download Receipt button.

Bio·R Donor Dashboard Instructions 10

5. View entire donation history

To view your entire donation history and access receipts, click the Donation History tab on the left.

Bio·R Donor Dashboard Instructions 7

Here, you can view and download receipts for any past donation.

Click View Receipt and then Download Receipt.

Bio·R Donor Dashboard Instructions 10

6. Manage your recurring donations

To view and manage your recurring donations, click the Recurring Donations tab on the left.

Bio·R Donor Dashboard Instructions 8

Here, you can view your subscription (click View Subscription) or cancel your subscription (click Cancel Subscription)

6. Edit your profile

To view and manage your donor profile, click the Edit Profile tab on the left.

Bio·R Donor Dashboard Instructions 12

If you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

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