How To: Create a Bio·R Facebook Birthday Fundraiser

Would you like to support Bio·R for your next birthday celebration? Follow the simple steps outlined below to create your Bio·R Facebook Birthday Fundraiser and encourage your family and friends to contribute to our cause. Thank you so much for your support – and Happy Birthday!

1. Visit Facebook Fundraisers (facebook.com/fundraisers).

Birthday fundraiser instructions 1

Once you’re on this page, you can click Select Charity (red rectangle).

2. Type ‘Bio-R’ into the search box and select ‘BIO-R CONSERVATION FUND’.

Birthday fundraiser instructions 2

If you don’t see ‘BIO-R CONSERVATION FUND’, you may need to continue typing until it appears.

3. Personalise your fundraiser.

Birthday fundraiser instructions 3

This is your chance to personalise your fundraiser and give your family and friends a little background on why you’ve chosen to support Bio·R for this fundraiser.

Here, you have the option to customise the donation goal, duration, title, description and cover photo.

Once you’re happy with your fundraiser, click Create (bottom left).

4. Your fundraiser has been created… now it’s time to share!

Birthday fundraiser instructions 4

Now that your fundraiser is live, click Get Started to share this with your family and friends via your Facebook profile.

5. Create your post to share with family and friends on Facebook

Birthday fundraiser instructions 5

Write a message here which will appear on your timeline and your Facebook friends’ newsfeeds.


Hey, friends! 

For my birthday this year, in lieu of gifts/flowers, I would like to ask you to support a cause close to my heart.

Bio·R is a small grassroots charity based in Adelaide who are doing amazing work to help protect our biodiversity through reconstructing critical habitat for native wildlife.

Did you know that the Mt Lofty region was cleared so much that by the 1970s, only 10% of the original native habitat remained.

Thankfully, the state government at the time introduced laws to prevent anymore clearance, however at 10%, it is expected that we will lose half of our woodland bird species.

In order to give these species their best chance at survival, data shows that we need to increase this habitat to 30% (which is no walk in the park!).

This is exactly what Bio·R is doing, and your donation will help them on their mission.



Thanks for your support!

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