Kangaroo-Proof Fence Fundraising Update

On June 7, 2021, we launched our latest fundraising project: a new kangaroo-proof fence at Frahns Farm. So far, we have raised more than $70,000 thanks to 100 wonderful donors. If that’s you, thank you!

The purpose of this fence is to keep herbivores, such as kangaroos, out of our restoration area which allows us to continue our cost-effective large-scale restoration works.

Our goal is to raise $210k to build a 7km fence to protect 200 ha of predominantly cleared land on the Eastern half of Frahns Farm and enable restoration works to save our declining species.

Once again, thank you to our generous community who have donated to this project so far.

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Recognising Our Major Partners and Sponsors

We’d like to formally thank our wonderful partners and sponsors, whose contributions at Frahns Farm makes a huge difference. This includes Trees For Life (SA), through the Alfred James Memory Tree Program, Kersbrook Landcare Group and Seeding Natives.