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Our key projects are located in the Mount Lofty and Kangaroo Island regions, where we focus on reconstructing quality habitat for declining species.

Focusing on large-scale projects allows us to invest in creating quality habitat that supports declining species, undertaking research to improve our practices and creating opportunities for our community to connect. As functional natural environments can take many decades to mature and support key animal species, our projects are investments for the long-term. We are committed to ensuring that we are undertaking and looking after our restored ecosystems so that they work as intended: to provide quality habitat for native animals at the scale needed to prevent imminent species loss.

Where are we working now?

Bio·R’s focus is currently the Mount Lofty and Kangaroo Island region, South Australia, which is one of Australia’s 15 National Biodiversity Hotspots

The Mount Lofty region is home to many declining woodland bird species; at present their survival depends on remnant native vegetation, which only constitutes a tenth of the land area and is situated on the poorest quality soils. Ten woodland bird species have already been lost from this region, with ecological theory predicting that almost half of the region’s remaining woodland birds (some 50 species) will also be lost in the near future. But, if we increase the cover of native vegetation in the region from 10% to 30%, we have a narrow ‘window of opportunity’ to keep these species. This equates to re-establishing a staggering 150,000 hectares of reconstructed habitat in the next 100 years. However, this is achievable. 

Bio·R’s current capacity means that we can comfortably plant about 10 ha of cleared land per annum with a diverse mix of species. In 10 years, we aim to be doing 100 ha per annum and, in 25 years, at least 1000 ha per annum. If we reach these targets then we can deliver the 150,000 ha of habitat needed in the Mount Lofty region within 100 years and save 50 of our woodland bird species from extinction.

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