Fundraiser: 58,000 Seedlings for 2025

This end of financial year, we’re raising $72,500 to fund half of our upcoming order of 58,000 seedlings to be planted next year.


From July to September each year, Bio·R places orders with native plant nurseries for the seedlings that we plant the following June, as the seedlings can take up to a year to propagate and grow.

In June 2025, Bio·R is planning to plant 58,000 native plant seedlings from more than 150 different plant species, some of which are hard to propagate.

Bio·R wants to secure these seedlings and is seeking support to meet the costs of half of these seedlings prior to placing orders in the next couple of months.

On average, each seedling costs around $2.50, so we need to raise a total of $145,000 to secure the seedlings required.

This end of financial year, we need your support in raising half of this amount: $72,500.

All donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible and every donation makes a difference – whether you can spare $25, $250, or $2,500, your support is truly appreciated!

How your donation can help

$25 funds a pack of 10 seedlings.

$125 funds a tray of 50 seedlings.

$250 funds two trays of 50 seedlings.

$500 funds four trays of 50 seedlings.

$1000 funds eight trays of 50 seedlings.

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