Fundraiser: Erinn Klein’s Epic Race to the Rock!

Support Erinn as he embarks on a gruelling 2,750km solo, unsupported bike ride from the Kimberley to Uluru, raising funds for Bio·R along the way.

Meet Erinn Klein

Hi, I’m Erinn, I’d like to share a new challenge I’m taking on, and I hope you’ll join me in supporting it!

On 6th July 2024, I’ll be embarking on an epic 2,750 km bike ride from the Kimberley to Uluru – yes, I know, it sounds crazy!

This adventure is part of the annual Race to the Rock race, where crazy adventurers like myself set off from a coastal location within Australia, to the Red Centre, armed only with our bikes, a lightweight sleeping bag and a couple of tools.

I’m undertaking this challenge not just for the thrill, but to raise vital funds for Bio·R, an organisation deeply important to me and my family. Bio·R is a South Australian environmental charity dedicated to restoring native woodland habitats and preventing extinction here in my home region in South Australia.

Every kilometre I pedal will contribute to Bio·R’s efforts to reconstruct habitats and support native wildlife in degraded landscapes, particularly birds like the Diamond Firetail.

My goal is to raise $20,000, and I would greatly appreciate any support you can offer. Your contribution will make a real impact in protecting habitats crucial for wildlife on the brink of extinction.

Join me in this important journey! You can make a tax-deductible donation directly to my fundraising challenge.

Thank you for considering supporting this cause that’s close to my heart.

Please feel free to also share this with your friends and family.

Best regards,

Owner and Winemaker, Ngeringa

Support Bio·R

Bio·R Australia is on a mission to re-establish native woodlands in South Australia’s heavily cleared landscapes. Unlike traditional revegetation efforts, Bio·R focuses on reconstructing large-scale, complex habitats that support a wide range of species and can withstand fire, drought, and climate change. By restoring these ecosystems, Bio·R aims to prevent the ongoing decline and potential extinction of native species.

Your donation will directly support Bio·R’s groundbreaking work, ensuring that South Australia’s unique biodiversity is preserved for future generations.

About the Race to the Rock

The Race to the Rock is not for the faint-hearted. Kicking off on Saturday, July 6, 2024, at 6:22am, the race covers a total distance of 2,750km. Participants will navigate extremely remote sections with long gaps between services on unsealed roads and tracks. These can turn into impassable obstacles with just a small amount of rain, with stretches of sand and heavy corrugations slowing progress.

Cyclists must meticulously plan their food, water, and supplies, as many roads could close due to fire or flood, sometimes for weeks. This race tests not only physical endurance but also mental resilience and strategic planning.

Donate Now and Be Part of the Change!

Your support can make a significant difference. By donating to Erinn’s Race to the Rock fundraiser, you are contributing to vital environmental restoration projects carried out by Bio·R Australia. 

Join us in supporting Erinn Klein as he pedals across Australia for a cause that matters. Together, we can help rebuild South Australia’s native woodlands and protect our unique wildlife.


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