Fundraiser: Growing The Bio·R Team

Help us scale our capacity by providing crucial funding for an ecologist and an administration assistant. 

Over the past 2-3 years, we have taken some huge steps forward in terms of number of volunteers and financial supporters, as well as awareness within the South Australian community. 

However, we still have a lot of work to do. By 2032, we need to be reconstructing 100 hectares per year, and by 2045, 1000 hectares per year.

While these targets may seem ambitious to some, our recently launched 2023-2028 Strategic Plan outlines an achievable and viable strategy to increase our habitat reconstruction efforts in South Australia at a scale that will ensure South Australia’s biodiversity is secure for future generations.

Within this strategic plan, we have identified the need to increase the Bio·R team to help support and deliver these goals.

In the short term, the roles that we need to fund and fill in the next 12 months include an Ecologist (3 days per week) and an Administration Assistant (1 day per week).

We are aiming to raise $80,000 to fund these crucial roles. Can you help us achieve this goal?

About the roles

Ecologist - 3 days per week

The Bio·R Ecologist will:

  • Monitor survival, growth, and flowering of plants in our recreated habitat.
  • Measure and report on previous direct seeding trials.
  • Measure and compare plant responses to excluding large herbivores.
  • Establish additional plots to document vegetation responses associated with the second fenced area at Frahns Farm.
  • Assist with running small mammal and reptile monitoring.
  • Collect and harvest seeds of plants for use in planting programs.
  • Manage the seed production area and raised beds at Frahns Farm.

Administration Assistant - 1 day per week

The Bio·R Administration Assistant will assist with:

  • Responding to enquiries.
  • Preparing and submitting funding proposals.
    Managing volunteer, fund-raising, and education programs.
  • Managing day-to-day financial matters and processes.

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