Myponga Beach

Myponga Beach is a new Bio·R restoration site located on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

This property is privately owned by the Planet A group and once restored the new habitat will be formally protected under a Heritage Agreement. Over the next 5 years, 45 hectares of Sheoak Grassy Woodland will be recreated to provide habitat for the region’s declining woodland birds and form the largest patch of this plant community on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

The site is located on a hilltop perched between the Gulf of St Vincent and the Myponga River. Very little native vegetation and wildlife habitat remains in the area, having mostly been cleared for agriculture.

The property is 110 ha in size, with 45 ha now enclosed within a herbivore exclusion fence where a Sheoak Grassy Woodland will be recreated on the windy hilltop.

The first phase of the site’s restoration began in 2023 and has been ramping up with the construction of a dedicated Seed Orchard to supply the project with a wide diversity of understorey species. Sheoak Grassy Woodlands are an endangered plant community in South Australia, having once been extensive on shallow soiled hilltops and near-coastal settings. Prized for its wood and the land they once occupied, Sheoak Woodlands are now largely absent from the landscape. Once completed, the Myponga Beach project site will constitute the largest patch of Sheoak Grassy Woodland on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

With few other large vegetation patches around Myponga Beach, this restoration area will contribute to providing critical habitat to declining woodland birds in the Mount Lofty Ranges. This reconstructed habitat will fit into a landscape matrix of native vegetation connected by the Myponga River. Several threatened flora species have also been selected for inclusion in the plantings.

With strong ties to an active community of volunteers, the restoration of the Myponga Beach site will provide opportunities for community members to be involved in ecological restoration and biodiversity monitoring at all levels of the project. New habitat reconstruction techniques will be tested and refined that suit the unique topography and soil of the project site.

If successful, these methods will form the basis for future restoration efforts in similarly challenging locations.

This is a collaboration between Human.Kind, Planet A Group, The Circular Initiative and Bio·R.

Credit: Ramsay Taplin
Credit: Ramsay Taplin
Myponga Beach Bio·R Fleurieu Peninsula Restoration Site

Quick facts

Year commenced: 2023

Total land area: 110 hectares

Area to be restored: 45 hectares

Major aims: To provide habitat for the region’s declining woodland birds and form the largest patch of this plant community on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Project partners: Planet A Group, The Circular Initiative

How can you get involved?

Donors and volunteers are critical to support work at Myponga Beach. If you are interested in helping, please consider making a regular donation to support our work and volunteering at our planting festivals (subscribe to our newsletter and/or follow us on social media to hear about upcoming opportunities). 

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