Fundraiser: Preserving Kangaroo Island's Rare Plants

This Christmas, we’re raising funds for the Kangaroo Island Rare Plant Garden, designed to safeguard the many rare plants, some of which only grow on Kangaroo Island.

Nestled within Cygnet Park Sanctuary on Kangaroo Island (KI), the KI Rare Plant Garden is a focal point for botanical conservation. Established in 2022, this controlled environment is dedicated to the preservation and propagation of up to 180 species of threatened plants on Kangaroo Island, each meticulously catalogued for scientific study and conservation.

Project overview

The ongoing expansion of the Kangaroo Island Rare Plant Garden focuses on the development of a seed production garden – a critical initiative in response to the 2019-2020 bushfires. This designated space serves as a repository for the systematic collection, storage, and utilisation of seeds from rare and endemic plants. Our endeavour is grounded in scientific principles to ensure the enduring conservation of Kangaroo Island’s botanical diversity.

Why it matters

In the aftermath of the bushfires, scientists extensively surveyed Kangaroo Island to locate and collect seeds of remaining populations of threatened plant species. Your support is essential in underpinning this initiative, facilitating the collection and preservation of seeds and returning their progeny to the wild in new populations. This strategic approach acts as a proactive measure against potential threats, including bushfires, road widening and maintenance and climate change.

How can you help?

Donate: Your contribution propels the ongoing expansion of the Kangaroo Island Rare Plant Garden, reinforcing its role as a sanctuary for rare and endangered flora.

Spread the word: Extend the impact by sharing this opportunity with your network, preserving Kangaroo Island’s botanical legacy for generations to come.

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