Help us save wildlife in the Adelaide Hills

Your EOFY tax-deductible donation will help us save wildlife by planting critical habitat in the Adelaide Hills and other parts of South Australia.


The problem

Sitting on Adelaide’s doorstep is the Mt Lofty region, one of just 15 biodiversity hotspots in Australia. Despite this listing, many of the plants and animals that live here face imminent extinction, including many woodland birds. Charismatic, colourful bird species, like the Scarlet Robin, Restless Flycatcher and Diamond Firetail, will not be around in the future.

The Mt Lofty region used to support 110 woodland bird species. With just 10% of the habitat remaining, half of these bird species will disappear. Ten species have already vanished and a further 50 species will vanish. BUT they don’t have to.

The solution

To help save our species, Bio·R reconstructs habitats that are built to meet their specific requirements, mimicking natural vegetation they use with the full and complex complement of plant species including grasses, herbs and shrubs, as well as trees. Importantly, Bio·R aims to build habitats that match the original densities and diversities of plants and how the various plant species are intermixed, as this determines the types and numbers of animal species that can be supported in the new habitats.

Standard revegetation projects may only revegetate a hectare or two. Bio·R aims to reconstruct sufficient habitat at landscape and regional scales that will genuinely meet the needs of wildlife and arrest their declines at the regional scale.

Across heavily-cleared agricultural areas, thousands of hectares of reconstructed habitat are needed to maintain viable populations of every species. This means we are building habitat at a very large scale.

How your donation will help our wildlife​

$15 monitors and maintains a nestbox for a year, providing a home in revegetation for owlet-nightjars, pygmy possums and parrots.

$30 surveys over 5 hectares (2.5 x Adelaide Ovals) to monitor bird populations and see how well they are recovering with our revegetation efforts.

$50 grows 50 seedlings in our Bio·R Nursery for upcoming planting festivals.

$75 covers bird banding equipment to track and monitor declining species like Diamond Firetails so we can build better habitat for them.

$100 raises 50 sheoak seedlings to grow a lasting food source for the endangered KI Glossy Black-Cockatoos affected in the 2019–20 bushfires.

$200 waters 2000 recently planted seedlings so they can survive the hot summer and flourish into a diverse habitat for our declining wildlife.


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