Corporate Opportunities

A way to give back to community.

Businesses can make a difference by helping Bio·R to realise our vision for a biodiverse future. 

Perhaps your business would like to sign up to offset its ecological footprint with Bio·R? Or, would you be interested in a corporate planting day for your employees? 

Please take a look at some of our corporate partnerships below and get in touch if you’re keen to work with Bio·R.

Prospect Dentistry - Ecological Offsetting - Bio·R - South Australia - Reconstructing Habitat for Biodiversity

Ecological Footprint Offset​​

Prospect Dentistry is in its fifth year of offsetting its ecological footprint with Bio·R. The process for offsetting started with Bio·R working with Prospect Dentistry to estimate the ecological footprint of the dental practice. Owner and principal dentist, Dr Will King says “At Prospect Dentistry, our patients’ health and wellbeing are our primary concern. Consequently, to offer the best dental care, we will always produce some waste and use resources, which unfortunately results in negatively impacting our environment. Therefore, we have decided to offset the ecological footprint of Prospect Dentistry in an attempt to be an environmentally-neutral business.”

If you're interested in offsetting the ecological footprint of your business, then please contact us to find out more about this process.

Planting Festival, June 2022

Bio·R is currently looking for businesses to take part in our 2022 corporate planting days at Frahns Farm.

Please take a look at our planting festival video and, if your business is interested, please get in touch with us.

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