Corporate Planting Days

Empower your staff this June. Get involved in our corporate planting days. Join us to reconstruct habitat for biodiversity.

The Mt Lofty region is one of 15 nationally-recognised Biodiversity Hotspots (a place on earth richest in biodiversity). Despite this, the biodiversity of this region is vanishing because the amount of habitat remaining is inadequate to support the species that we have present today.

What does Bio·R do?

Bio·R exists to go beyond traditional revegetation methods and carbon offset plantations, aiming to reconstruct effective, self-sustaining and resilient habitats. Effective habitat supports wildlife, providing all the resources an animal needs, such as food and shelter. Self-sustaining habitat is where the plants and animals are able to reproduce adequately to maintain their abundance through time. Resilient habitats are those that can cope with and recover from short-term perturbations like droughts and fire, as well as the long-term impacts of climate change. These goals will ensure our native plantings will provide habitat that can best support our declining wildlife in perpetuity.

Why should you get involved?

The United Nations is calling on people and corporations to help protect and restore ecosystems around the world, because only with healthy ecosystems can we enhance lives, fight climate change and halt biodiversity loss. South Australians can play their part locally restoring habitats, reversing biodiversity losses and protecting the Mt Lofty region for future generations.

How can you get involved?

This year, we’ve set a target of planting 40,000 trees – but we need the help of South Australian people and businesses.

We have six community planting days held across three weekends, but can also arrange corporate planting days for South Australian businesses to get their team involved in an important, local cause.

Contact us

Want to get involved? Email us at partnerships@bior.org.au or fill out the form below.

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