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Communities of all forms are central to our work. Join our grass-roots movement to reconnect with community and natural systems.

Our philosophy on the involvement of people in our activities is much more than simply looking for helpers to put plants in the ground. Ecology and the study of the interconnectedness of the natural world inspire our thinking on how to integrate people in our work. Importantly, building and managing habitats and biodiversity requires intergenerational ownership. Current generations need to reconnect with natural systems and mentor our future generations. 

Reconnecting with Community and Nature

At Bio·R we recognise that as humans we are intrinsically connected to and part of the natural world. Research has shown that being in nature is important for our health and wellbeing. We understand that being part of the reconstruction of natural habitats helps us to reconnect with a sense of community, which includes our relationships with other humans and the larger community of life. Hence, we organise our activities to encourage and deepen this sense of connection to each other and the natural world, whether that’s as a donor, volunteer, or follower

Our on-ground activities are great opportunities for volunteers to connect with community and the wildlife for which we’re reconstructing habitatIf you’re interested in engaging with the BioR community, check out our volunteer days, school activities and planting festivals.

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