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Reconnecting the next generation through hands-on education.

Recognising that environmental stewardship is intergenerational, Bio·R works with schools, helping to instil curiosity and learning in our next generation of leaders.

From giving talks in classrooms, to running bird-banding days in our reconstructed habitats or setting up long-term monitoring sites that schools can revisit year after year, we enjoy the opportunity to work with school groups of any age.

We have a particularly exciting collaboration with Wilderness School, in which we have helped students to set up a number of herbivory exclusion zones at their Crawford campus in the Coorong. Students are monitoring plants in these zones to determine the most effective method of reconstructing habitat. Lessons learned will be applied in their work with the Botanic Gardens of South Australia’s Seed Conservation Centre to revegetate the grounds of Crawford with the aim of helping to sustain local bird populations.

How can you get involved?

If you are interested in working with us to get your classroom or school involved in habitat reconstruction, please contact us.

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