Volunteer Days

Get involved with our wildlife, participate in research and look after our reconstructed habitats.

Providing an opportunity for supporters to get a closer look at how we carry out our mission, our volunteer days are some of our most highly-regarded events. They are suitable for all ages and typically fall into the categories of wildlife and plant monitoring and helping to water our recently planted sites over summer.

Events we have run in the past include:


"The BioR events that I've been involved in to date have been well organised, enjoyable, well explained and I have felt satisfaction in being able to contribute."

"Thank you so much for putting on excellent events! I know so much time, skill and effort goes into them! And they're the tip of the fieldwork iceberg - but a valuable way for the wider community to be involved."

"When I was out at the last event, chatting to young people it was inspiring. I find it uplifting and a satisfying experience, where there are tangible effects and a sense of community."

How can you get involved?

We regularly send out volunteer day opportunities and research updates to our newsletter list, so if you are interested in participating in future sessions, please sign up here.

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