Young Impact100 SA Raise $3.6k for Bio·R

We’d like to thank Young Impact100 SA, a school-aged program designed to inspire and grow philanthropy among our children, for choosing Bio·R as one of three charities to support this year.

Through their fundraising efforts and collective giving, Young Impact100 SA raised $3,692 for Bio·R, which we are putting towards our new Kangaroo-Proof Fence at Frahns Farm, ensuring that we can continue our cost-effective, large-scale restoration works next year and beyond. This contribution will enable 123 metres of fence to be built and 3.5 hectares to be protected.

Young Impact100 SA

Thank you also to the children and families that joined us at Frahns Farm for bird banding and planting this year. It was great to have been part of the Young Impact100 SA community and we hope you all enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy!) being part of our Bio·R community.

About Young Impact100 SA: Launched in 2021, Young Impact100 SA aims to inspire and grow philanthropy among our school-aged children, in order to grow a future generation of community builders.

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